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Tablecloth Pattern Instructions
Pattern Instructions:

A pattern is only necessary if your table shape is not a racetrack oval shape, a rectangle shape, circle, or square. A racetrack oval shape is like a circle on the ends and a straight away on sides. If you took the middle section out the table would make a circle. Some tables happen to be more egg shaped on the ends and require a pattern.

We do charge a one time pattern fee of $15.00, but after that you will not be charged again. If you order another tablecloth with us we will have your pattern already on file and will not charge you again.

To Make Pattern:

You will need a piece of paper that will hang over one complete end of table, if the table has a split in it. If it does not have split then you will need a piece that is big enough to cover entire table.

Line the piece of paper up with the split in the table where the two halves meet and trace one half of the table. If there is no split, the entire table must be traced by taping one or more pieces of paper together. Lightly secure pattern paper to table using masking tape to prevent sliding or wrinkling. Trace the outline of the table (flat surface only) with the flat side (not the point) of a pencil or dark crayon.
Make sure you write your name, address, and phone number on the paper along with the overall table length and width measurements.

Do not cut pattern, only trace. Pattern will be no good if cut.


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